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© 2016 Pall Corporation. Pall, and Cadence are trademarks of Pall Corporation. ® indicates a trademark registered in the USA. GN16.9920 Continuously Improving Bioprocesses Want to learn more? Visit us at BPI European Summit booths #2 and #3 The disposable route to downstream processing: How Pall’s Cadence™ BioSMB system is reducing costs of multiproduct biomanufacturing Want to dramatically improve utilization of chromatography sorbents, especially at higher titers? Pall’s Cadence BioSMB platform is the first disposable flow path, continuous multi- column chromatography solution. Unique to biopharmaceuticals, the system is designed to boost productivity and optimize the use of chromatography sorbents. • Ideal for bind and elute chromatography • Reduces buffer tank requirements, even for complex product expression systems • Integrated single-use valve array easily services up to 16 columns/devices without complexity • Column configuration determined by total process volume rather than by product mass Reducing space requirements and costs, the BioSMB system delivers a scaleable, flexible and single-use path to multi-column applications, and peerless productivity per unit area of manufacturing space. For more information, visit Want to be part of something special? Find out about our latest job opportunities visit