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Chemiereport_2016-2 We bring life to your laboratory. More than results with an incubator shaker from the market leader: • Highest culture capacity for the smallest footprint: up to 55 L m–2 • The only shakers with unique «Sticky Stuff» • Proven for use with Ultra Yield™ and Optimum Growth™ Flasks • From microtitre plates up to 10 L bags • Specialised versions for microorganisms, cell culture or algae cultivation Shake like a pro Minitron 20 – 400 min–1 Multitron 20 – 400 min–1 Up to 6times more YIELD with Thomson Ultra YieldTM and Optimum GrowthTM Flasks. Order now: QUALITY – MADE IN SWITZERLAND CHUCK, 300 min-1